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Ashley Edner, at the age of 13, can be considered a veteran to the entertainment industry. As
early as 1998, she was already beginning to make herself known through various projects,
including "X-Files", "Mad TV" and "7th Heaven".

Miss Edner has lent her voice to such animated projects as Bully Lamb in "Charlotte's Web 2:
Wilbur's Great Adventure" (2003) and Sally in "It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown" (2000), as
well as acted in various television series.


She can also be seen in the Oscar nominated "House of Sand and Fog" as well as the comedy "Dickie
Roberts: Former Child Star".

Most recently she has been seen on Yahoo ads, sharing screen time with the former Governor of
California, Gray Davis.

Miracles fans will recognize her as Deanna Thompson from the episode "Friendly Skies"; the young
airline passenger who suddenly had her entire life shown to her while the plane she was in
suddenly and mysteriously went missing for mere seconds. Her portrayal of the child, suddenly
thrust into the world of adulthood was not only exceptional, but also believable.

Miss Edner was kind enough to share some of her experiences on the set of Miracles with us.


Q. How long have you been acting professionally?
A. I have been acting for a little over five years now.

Q. Is there any one role that you have enjoyed more than the others?
A. I really enjoyed playing my character on Miracles because I was playing a regular kid
and then had a chance to act like an adult too. The "Twilight Zone" was another one of my
favorites because again I got to play two characters, a sweet child, turned evil in the end.

Q. How were you chosen to be in "Friendly Skies"?
A. For "Friendly Skies", I had one audition with the casting director and I was put on tape for
the producers and director of the show. Two days later, they told me I got the part!

Q. How old were you when you filmed this episode?
A. When I filmed this episode I was almost 12 years old.

Q. What was it like working with the actors and crew of 'Miracles'?
A. The crew and the actors were really nice, especially Marisa Ramirez, who I had most of my
scenes with. I wish I would have had a scene with Skeet Ulrich too because he was really nice.

Q. What was a normal day for you while on the set of "Friendly Skies "?
A. On a normal day, I would get to the location and the A.D. would have me get into wardrobe and
make-up and hair first. Then I would either start on my 3 hours of school or sometimes go
straight to the set to work.

Q. What, if anything, sticks out in your mind the most about the filming of this episode? Were there
any pranks, funny, or scary moments you would like to share with us?
A. The thing that sticks out most about working on this episode was that it was filmed exactly 1
year after 9-11 and the security was so tight because it was filmed at an airport.

Q. In "Friendly Skies" you played a character that in a matter of seconds, saw her whole life
flash before her eyes. For a while, you had to leave being a child behind and become an adult.
How were able to portray these characteristics so well?
A. In "Friendly Skies" my character had to make a major change from a normal child with hopes and
dreams of a great future to an adult who ended up with a very sad life and things didn't turn out
the way she planned. The "child" part was easy but for the "adult" I just imagined what I'd feel
like if things didn't go how I planned them for my future and how sad, angry and empty I would

Q. What new projects of yours can we all look forward to enjoying in the future?
A. I'm currently on two new DVD releases of the features "House of Sand and Fog" and Dickie
Roberts- "Former Child Star".

Q. As you get older, there are many directions you could go. Are you looking to remain an actor,
or do you have other aspirations; is there something else you would like to do in the future?
A. In the future I definitely want to continue acting and maybe even write and produce.

Q. And a Bonus Question: Since you have been able to view the episode, "Friendly Skies" in its
entirety, what did you think about it? Is there any part of it that you would have done
differently, and if so, what would it have been?
A. After watching the episode, I really liked it!! It was a really fun role and thought the story
was written well and was a very cool idea!!!!